Herpes dating ottawa

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Ginger Root – The root of the the Zingiber Officinale plant, it is consumed throughout the world as both a medicine and a spice.

Ginger cultivation began in South Asia and has since spread to East Africa and the Caribbean.

Galangal – Belonging to the ginger family of plants, it is also called Blue Ginger, Gao Liang, and Laos, and has both culinary and medicinal uses.

It has also been found to be effective for circulation problems, ADHD, cramps, high blood pressure and as an antioxidant.Though some are preferred for specific benefits, all are considered to have similar properties.The name Panax is derived from the Greek word panacea meaning, “all healing.” The mostly commonly used is Panax Ginseng, also called Asian or Korean Ginseng.Through the years it has been used to treat swelling, delayed menstruation, constipation, worms, rheumatism, bowel complaints, energy, endurance, gastric ulcers, diarrhea, dysentry, and as an appetite suppressant.Not recommended for those with diabetes, people suffering any dementia syndrome, or pregnant and lactating women.

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